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It fascinates me to understand that sometimes, what may taste good initially, is actually toxic to the body over time. Alternatively, the organic or whole foods one may have to hold their nose and chew, prove to be the best to consume. I would argue that, in the same way, heavily-processed worship services that lack the genuine pursuit of God’s presence, and the surrender to His leadership become more toxic to the health of a church over time. The initial experiences may feel and “taste” great, but they slowly decompose one’s understanding of the personable nature of God.

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Freedom This Christmas

To Adam, Eve and the serpent, God prophesied the coming of His son for the freedom of man. Since then, in anticipation, prophets have prophesied of Him, martyrs have died for Him, a nation waits for Him, wise men seek Him, shepherds journey toward Him, angels worship Him and all creation longs for its coming freedom.

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